What is Vibrational Sound Therapy?


Vibrational Sound therapy with Himalayan singing bowls uses both audible sounds and tangible vibrations to achieve a therapeutic effect. Sounds can move the receiver’s brain waves into an alpha or theta state, reducing the amount of signals fired by the brain. This helps allow the mind to let go of the “noisy mind chatter”, which reduces stress and helps activate the healing responses of the central nervous system. It helps to balance communications between neurotransmitters in the body. The vibrations from the bowls send out a “ripple” effect within the body that massages each organ, muscle, and individual cell. This vibratory ripple movement helps to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, eases trauma and moves stagnation and blockages, thus bringing the body back to homeostasis and restoring vitality.

Himalayan singing bowls have been used for prayer and meditation throughout Asia for thousands of years. They are made from a special “bell metal” alloy that includes gold, silver, and iron. Each one is created through an intensive process that requires a team of 5 or more individuals just to hammer the bowl into shape. The bowl is then taken to another individual to be refined and finished. Click HERE to see a video of the process. To play the bowls, you simply strike the side or edge of the bowl, causing the bowl to vibrate, which then creates concentric oscillating waves that bounce around inside of the bowl, creating the sound. Much like the sound generated when rubbing the edge of a crystal wine glass, the bowls are played in a very similar fashion.

Everything begins with sound and vibration. It is raw energy of movement that pushes and pulls everything it travels through – on a molecular level. Healing with sound and vibration is one of the oldest forms of healing, and has been an innate part of our being for thousands of years. It was Pythagoras who translated frequency to mathematical equations and was the first to actually prescribe music as a form of therapy. Indeed, from hearing our mother’s heartbeat in the womb, to the deep, cellular connection to the vibration of our planet rotating through space, sound and vibration are what makes us alive and connects us to the universe. Today, through various research studies performed all over the world, we have come to understand the importance of using sound and vibration in aiding the body back into health and wellbeing.

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