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*Our Most Popular Service*

This is the ultimate in relaxation!

Here we combine the deeply meditative Himalayan singing bowls to quiet the mind and release tension in the body to prepare you for the full therapeutic wellness massage experience. Stress and tension don't stand a chance with this powerful combo!

90 min

(30min Vibrational Sound Therapy, 60min Therapeutic Wellness Massage)



(45min Vibrational Sound Therapy, 75min Therapeutic Wellness Massage)


Therapeutic Wellness Massage

This session is customized to your specific needs and goals. Using a blend of long gliding relaxation strokes with firm pressure and some light stretching, this session is designed to induce calm and ease tension throughout the body. Feel your pain and stress melt away!

60 min   -   $80

75min   -   $100

90min   -   $120

Vibrational Sound Therapy

Hand-hammered Himalayan singing bowls are placed on and around the body and are then struck on the side to produce the sound and vibration. Through this very gentle, yet profound session, the muscles in the body relax & release tension, and the mind quiets, putting you into a state of deep relaxation.

*This session is performed while the client is fully clothed.*

30 min   -   $50

45min   -   $60

60min   -   $70


Private 1-on-1 Session:

60min - $70

Class of 2 to 5 people:

60min - $35 per person

90min - $45 per person

Yomassage makes therapeutic touch accessible by combining restorative yoga with massage therapy. Using a set of bolsters and blocks, you will be guided into various supported positions to target specific muscle groups to massage while in a gentle stretch. This is a perfect opportunity to de-stress between massage sessions, find your calm, and enhance your self care practice.

*Space is limited*

ONLINE Self Care Sessions

ONLINE Private Lesson - Work with me to learn how to lower aches and pains, increase mobility and reduce stress and tension all from the privacy of your home. This lesson includes self-Massage techniques, breathwork, targeting stretching, and a free download for you to continue the stretching on your own.

*Online sessions held via Zoom*

30 min   -   $35

45min   -   $50

Prepaid Packages Available

You can save 15% when you pre-purchase 3 sessions


save 20% when you pre-purchase 5 sessions.

*Offer not available on 30min and 45min sessions*

**Packages expire 6 months from purchase date**

Gift Certificates available for stand-alone sessions.

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