My Self-Care Story:

Laura C. Marino, LMT


Hi, I'm Laura Marino, owner of Vital Essence Bodyworks. I'm a licensed massage therapist, as well as a certified sound healing practitioner, based in beautiful Orlando, Florida. I graduated in 2010 from the Baltimore School of Massage - York campus in York, Pennsylvania, and I became certified in sound therapy in 2017 from Eastern Vibration.

As someone who has been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, I know first hand the physical and emotional pain and exhaustion that stress and anxiety can bring. From the tension headaches, the neck and shoulder pain, to the overwhelming fatigue, irritability, and the lack of sleep that only fueled it all.

Sound familiar? I've been there! Living with anxiety for most of my life, my regular massage sessions have helped me deal with my physical symptoms. But once I discovered sound therapy, it took my healing to a whole new level. The sound therapy gave me back my mental calmness and clarity. It got me "out of my head". That was a huge relief! And when I combined the sound therapy with the massage, well, I finally started to feel like myself again!

It's because of my unique experience and insight into my own healing, that has driven me to dedicate my practice to helping folks like you manage your stress and anxiety, and start feeling better, just like I did.

Your anxiety doesn't control you. You control it! If you're ready to take back control of your stress and anxiety, then you've come to the right place! Call today to schedule your appointment.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you feel like yourself again.

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